How we do it.

Our Value

We offer personalised wealth management services

Our firm is dedicated to providing clients with personalised service and expert advice. We work with clients every step of their financial journey, by regularly assessing changing circumstances, and creating or updating the action plan necessary to address and manage any challenges ahead of time.

We aim to delivery three things: that we have clear communication, that we seek to manage risk in client portfolios, and that we regularly review and update client strategies.

We deliver structured bespoke solutions

We help bring structure to our client’s financial affairs, this includes evaluation of investments, insurance, estate, taxes, legacy planning etc. We take the time to get to know our clients and what is important to them when delivering bespoke solutions.

We offer a holistic approach to wealth management

Offering a holistic service to clients enables us to cover all of a client’s financial affairs. We conduct regular review of a client’s portfolio to ensure that every client’s financial affairs are up to date and structured according to their ever-changing needs.

Client exclusivity

In order to deliver on our promise of a personalized client experience we realize that we cannot be all things to all people. We therefore consciously manage (limit) the number of clients in our business.

Proactive and hands-on approach

Due to an ever-changing financial environment no investment strategy remains static over the long-term. We provide clients with a dynamic investment strategy that evolves over time. A dynamic investment strategy means that we continually re-asses the investment strategy based on the current environment and future needs.

Investment Strategy
and Philosophy.

Independent Investment Advice

We believe in independent best advice as cornerstone of our service offering. This allows us to place client interest before business considerations. We utilise external companies for administration, asset management, estate planning and risk management services, therefore we objectively assess and change the services that these companies provide on our behalf to our clients.

Investment Research

We have entered into fully supported investment process partnership with an external service provider. The entity conducts fund research on a global perspective using a qualitative, in-depth due diligence approach. The research process includes looking at a range of factors such as: the business structure within which the fund operates; the fund management team, their beliefs and principles when making decisions; team dynamics and culture; as well as evidence of consistency in the investment process. This approach we believe offers the highest degree of comfort that the fund is being managed appropriately.

Global fund management

We pride ourselves in partnering our clients with highly respected global fund investment management teams. The fund offering range includes the full spectrum of asset classes from cash funds through to equity, property and bond funds.

Competitive cost to client approach

As a firm we believe that the cost through the value chain for clients must always be considered. It is therefore that we negotiate the best possible fee rates on behalf of our clients and pass these savings on to our clients.

Active and passive

Offering an in-house best of breed fund range, we believe it is our responsibility to analyse the domestic and global fund universes, searching for the most appropriate fund managers for our clients to invest in. We follow an unbiased investment philosophy and we understand the difficulty of constructing a portfolio, as a result of our research process we include active and passive fund strategies in client portfolios.

Asset allocation and diversification is a key driver of investment returns

We manage client asset allocation with the aim to balance risk and return by allocating a portfolio’s assets according to investment strategy and objective, this includes return goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon. Assets are divided within and across asset classes and aims to provide diversification. For diversification to add value we need to ensure that investments are allocated across assets that are not correlated with one another; or, in other words, behave differently from each other. Diversification is a key driver of return because it helps to spread risk by allocating assets across a range of investments, thereby reducing the potential for losses. Diversification not only spreads investment risk, it can help increase longer-term returns by minimising drawdowns over an investment cycle.

Emotions can erode the best investment decisions

In many cases an investor’s emotion can be their own worst enemy. This is because amid global market volatility, it’s easy for investors to fall into the trap of making long-term decisions based on momentary emotions such as fear or greed. We understand that we can’t always control all of our clients’ emotions, however we can help to combat emotional investing through wealth management and investor education.


Our head office is located in Black River, Mauritius. We have entered into partnerships with various globally located businesses that provide us with access to foreign markets, backed by expert research and a long-term track record.

Corporate Goverance
and Sustainability.

We embrace the principles of good corporate governance, including sustainability, transparency and accountability. In addition to all relevant laws, we also recognize our responsibility to comply with financial services industry charters, codes and standards.


Code of Conduct

    We aim to ensure that all actions taken by or on behalf of Noblesse Ltd. are conducted ethically and professionally. We have therefore documented a company-wide code of conduct which requires:
  • Providing advice to clients based on integrity, professional knowledge and due diligence.
  • Utilising products and funds which are regulated and in accordance with the client’s needs.
  • Transparency and discloser of all fees and commissions earned through he management process.
  • Adhering to legislation regulating the financial services industry and that is up to date with global best practice.

Treating customers fairly

We have implemented a Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy to apply and monitor TCF principles throughout the business. It considers both what TCF regulations state and the spirit in which the Financial Services Commission – Mauritius set these regulations.