Asset Management

Our Asset Management offering is designed to generate the highest possible return by using multiple asset classes, both locally and offshore. This allows us to manage unique investment solutions for high net worth and corporate clients. We can offer one of two management options:

Single Managed Funds
This structure is managed by the Noblesse Ltd. investment team. The solution follows a core investment strategy and focused mandate. This option is recommended for investors who have a specific asset class or theme and risk mandate preference.

Multi-Fund Solutions
This structure is managed by the Noblesse Ltd. investment team. It is created by selecting a multi-fund solution, the fund is exposed to a number of underlying single managed funds. This solutions gives investors access to the best fund specialist investment ideas and strategies. This option is recommended for investors seeking active management of a diversified portfolio of underlying registered funds.

Benefits of utilising the Noblesse Ltd. Asset Management solution:

  • Diversification or risk through blending of multi-managers
  • Tailored hedging strategies built according to each individual investor’s risk appetite
  • Flexibility of management according to investment objectives
  • Ease of transactions as each fund is tailored for a specific investor

Wealth Management

Our wealth management (advisory) services are specifically geared towards achieving long-term goals and objectives. These services include the following:

Pre-retirement Planning
For most investors the saving process starts with saving for retirement. Retirement planning therefore needs to make provision for life before and after retirement. It consists of aspects such as setting goals, analysing current provisions, the application of complex calculations and the construction of possible tax-efficient solutions to address any shortfalls.

Post-retirement Management
This process takes place when you decide to retire. Our focus is on safeguarding our clients’ capital against tax and inflation as well as protecting family assets for future generations. It consists of aspects such as an analysis of current provisions, goal setting, the application of tax and other complex calculations, cash flow (Income) forecasts, construction of tax-efficient investment solutions etc.

Tax Planning
An investor’s tax liability cannot be avoided but it can be managed. We offer clients recommendations in order to investment in ways that optimize tax liabilities.

Estate Planning
Estate planning is an essential part of the wealth management offering. We aid clients in the process of drafting or revising wills, registering family trusts and setting up of deceased estates, ensuring that their families and any other beneficiaries may enjoy the maximum benefit from their assets, both during their lifetime and after their passing.

Personal and Business Risk Management

Wealth management goes beyond the management of a client’s capital. Provision must also be made to deal with long-term risk products in the event of critical illness, disability, or death.

Life insurance is a means of ensuring that your family is financially secure in the event of your untimely passing. If you are married, have children, or own your own business, you should consider life insurance to make sure your family is taken care of when you are no longer around to do so.

Disability cover protects you if you become temporarily or permanently disabled and are unable to do your job or you can no longer do normal day-to-day functions. It is also your income protection plan if you are injured or become ill or disabled and cannot work. Care should be taken to identify your exact needs and the amount required to financially maintain your standard of living.

Critical Illness cover is generally paid out in a lump sum on diagnosis of a severe illness or injury. Critical Illness pays out a tax-free lump sum, for each dreaded disease claimed for, such as a heart attack, stroke and cancer, which you can use to get immediate access to pay for recovery or for any other financial needs.